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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Aerial Ads and Aerial Banners?
    Aerial advertising, also commonly called airplane advertising, airplane banner advertising or air ads, is a unique and innovative form of advertising. It is extremely cost effective and touts excellent results. We use aerial banners that are a highly-visible advertising tool which allow large numbers of people and potential customers to view an ad at one time, saving both time and resources, while still capturing the attention of thousands or even millions. Watch the video below from Business Insider to see an example of aeiral advertising.
  • How many impressions will an aerial banner have?
    Impressions refer to the number of people who see the ad. The number of impressions an aerial banner can receive depends on several factors such as the size of the banner, the duration of the flight, the location of the flight, and the altitude of the aircraft. However, aerial advertising has the potential to reach a large number of people within a short amount of time. In fact, many studies show that aerial advertising can generate higher ad recall and brand recognition than other advertising formats. The exact number of impressions an aerial banner will receive varies depending on the above factors; aerial advertising agencies can offer predictions based on these factors. For example, if an aerial banner is flown over a crowded beach or a busy city center, it could generate thousands or tens of thousands of impressions in just a few hours. Additionally, if photos or videos of the aerial banner are shared on social media, it could further increase its reach. Overall, aerial advertising can provide a memorable way to reach a wide audience with your message. However, it's important to work with a professional aerial advertising company, like Cape May Aerial Advertising, to determine the best strategy and location for your specific advertising goals.
  • What areas do you fly banners?
    We offer national advertising and specialize in aerial ads on the Jersey Shore. We advertise across the costline of New Jersey from the very southern tip in Cape May to Sandy Hook in the North. Cape May Aerial Advertising operates out of our own private airfield in Green Creek NJ along the Delware bay. Our private airfield ensures all resources and time are dedicated to our customers. (map obtained from
  • What is the difference between a "billboad banner" and a "letter banner"?"
    Billboard banners are essentially a large flying buildboard. These are pre-printed signs with colorful graphics, logos, and words. Larger businesses may prefer a billboard banner display advertising that keeps with their brand. Letter banners are 5 foot banners made of letters to display a message. Banners can be up to 30-40 characters long. Letter banners can also be combined with smaller pre-printed trailer or logo banners. This allows businesses to change their message while also displaying their brand advertising or logo. To discuss what option works best for your advertising needs please contact us directly by phone or email.
  • How do I design a banner?
    For Letter Banners: Letter banners can be designed the day of or day before flight. Letters are 5 feet tall and up to 35 characters long. Banners that take multiple flights are stored each day then letters and banners are recycled and used again. For Billboard and Logo Banners: Billboard banners are custom made to fit your needs. We facilitate the design and creation of your banner. You will own this banner and we can store it for you each season. Custom made banners have a long lifespan lasting many years. The average billboard banner is flies 7 days a week during the summer season.
  • Are you associated with Paramount Air Service?
    Cape May Aerial Advertising purchased Paramount Air Service's flight operation in 2021. We are proud to continue Paramount Air's 75 year legacy of excellent service. Paramount Air Service continues to partner with Cape May Aerial Advertising in business operations. These two businesses work closely together to deliver you the best experience. As a customer you can consider Paramount and and Cape May Aerial Ads as the same organization.
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